Dinner Etiquette & Sweet Treats

Photographer: Scott Newett / Art director: Sonia Rentsch


Dinner Etiquette & Sweet Treats are two gorgeous still life series by Australian duo, photographer Scott Newett and art director & prop stylist  Sonia Rentsch. They were able to give life and personality to kitchenware, making them appear as costumes.

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Lisa Gonzalez

Housewives. Photos Inspired by Ads Targeting the Consumer American Housewife of the 40s, 50s, and 60s

Housewives is New York-based photographer Lisa Gonzalez’s series that recalls society’s expectation of the post-war American housewife. Modeled after advertisements geared towards women in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, Gonzalez’s still life images explore the relationship between consumerism and domesticity of the time. The images have a slightly Stepford-wife feel to them, perfectly put together and pretty as a picture, channeling the visual culture of a time when women were led to believe they were destined for domestic labor.

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Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman

Ponder Food as Love


Ponder food as love—to nurture and to feast upon.

The body becomes serving plate, altar, banquet and booty. Still life transforms into emotional landscape as the line between serving and self blurs. After countless hours at the kitchen counter preparing food for our families, we began to investigate the delicate and compelling nature of nurturing.

As Pablo Neruda writes of “…the transmigration of dream into salad” so, too, do these images hover between the earth and transcendence.

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Inflorescence by Putput

Inflorescence by Putput


Brittany Cohen

Brittany Cohen

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Victor Schrager

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Carl Kelyner

Food Geometry for Blend

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Fabian Öhrn (photographer)  Joakim Hedblad (art director)

"I heart my bike!" Fixed Gear entirely made out of food.

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Martin Creed x Pierre Gagnaire for Sketch Restaurant

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Jonathan Minster

Jonathan Minster

Carl Kleiner


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